Baby Led Weaning: How did we get started?

 We first heard about Baby Led Weaning at our local breast feeding drop in centre (wonderful place). The ladies running the group were discussing one morning about this 'new' way of feeding your child, letting them eat what you eat and doing away with pureeing. It sounded intriguing, but at the time it was a million miles away for me and Pumpkin as we were still getting to grips with breast feeding, hence why we were attending the group. I noted the name and didn't think anymore of it, until it was time.

 When Pumpkin was coming up to 51/2 months all my mummy friends with babies of similar ages started discussing the tools needed for weaning; high chairs; Babycook steamers; bibs; blenders and butternut squash puree recipes. I had no idea what was 'expected' as this was all new to me so went along with the chat. When P hit 6 months, the time to start solids we started with a few pureed meals; baby rice to start; which he hated, and a little pureed pear and apple to vary the bland taste and a little sweet potato. It really felt uncomfortable imposing this boring slush on him. Then I remembered the discussion had many months back at the breastfeeding group about Baby Led Weaning. To learn more I went on the internet and searched Baby Led Weaning. Armed with the basics I got started with a few little meals for P to try; broccoli florets, green beans, mini rice cakes etc.

 I was very apprehensive at first as those around me; parents and friends hadn't heard of this new way of feeding. Although I had done some research and understood the theory I still felt there should be more to learn. Then I found Gill Rapley's book Baby-led Weaning: Helping your baby to love good food deep down. This was a godsend as it was very clear and reassuring as to how to get started, and how to quash those comments from non-understanding others. It explained the reasoning why Baby Led Weaning works and that was enough for me, and P. We continued as we had started with different fist size foods, nice easy manageable pieces for P to play with and chew. Play is the key focus with how we've handled this approach to feeding. Babies like to explore, feel and put things in their mouths and P is no different. These were new things for P to be discovering and enjoying. At first it was a mess and a lot was squidged, but very quickly within days he was loving what he was eating

This blog/diary is a tool we thought might help other mums with Baby Led Weaning. I'm not telling you how to do it but showing you what we've done. P loves the camera and I thought it would be fun to share with you how he has progressed and to share a few tips and recipes. There is a lot of theory out there but I felt it might be useful for you to see pics of him enjoying his asparagus or his strawberries, and hopefully arm you with the confidence to have a go.

Enjoy, I hope you have as much fun as we have. Thanks for visiting our site. Let me and P know what you think.


Pumpkin and his Mummy (P's EDD was Halloween hence the nickname)
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