About Us

We are - Pumpkin, Mummy , Daddy and Clio, the cat and we live in Northwest London.

Daddy used to be a chef working on film locations but now has his own gardening business. Mummy used to work in marketing and PR, but moved into CSR (corporate social responsibility) before having Pumpkin. Pumpkin loves eating, dribbling and trying to grab Clio. Clio loves eating and sleeping, and dodging P's mitts.

We enjoy food and cooking, with Daddy creating wonderfully healthy meals for us all to enjoy. We are keen on gardening and try to include home grown vegetables in every meal. We've put this site together as we thought it might help other mums with Baby Led Weaning.






Clio the cat, our in-house floor cleaner; hobbies include hoovering up all the dropped cheese and titbits dropped by P.