We started Baby Led Weaning when P was just about to hit 6 months and time has whizzed by. P has taken to eating really well, as you'll see from the pics. The following blog inserts are a few key meal times over the last few months. Now this blog is up and running I will keep you all up to date with our adventures with food. Week by week I'll let you know how P is developing; the challenges we have had; the new skills he's picked up and any recipes or tips we find. Enjoy :-)

10 months old - 25th July - BBQ with P's chums

We're huge fans of BBQs in our house. P's Daddy loves to cook, especially outside. We had two of P's friends  and their parents over for a Sunday BBQ and it was great fun. There was a mix of food, with half of it suitable for vegetarians as a third of  the party were veggies - much to Daddy's  horror as he's a big BBQ meat fan! We had the usual: sausages, chicken skewers, salad, and roasted vegetables, plus veggie burgers. We also had a huge bowl of BBQ grilled halloumi, which is so easy to do and makes a nice change from meat. I also made up a big bowl of Pesto Parmesan Pasta Salad (recipe coming soon on recipe page). This went down really well with both adults and babies, plus it was a great balance of carbs, veg (rocket) and dairy. P seems to really like parmesan, which is great as it's a great dairy option and they don't need loads of it.  P also loved the Halloumi; it has a yummy rubbery texture and I think he found it nice against his sore gums as he's teething. The roasted veg also went down well (toms, aubergine, courgette, and peppers roasted in olive oil), with a few pieces of courgette being pinched from my plate! All of this food was perfect for little fingers; nothing too fussy and they could all eat with us and join in the chat. Nothing was made with salt, so the adults had to add it if needed. For dessert we had the perfect summer desert: strawberries and cream or yoghurt for the babies and the mummies watching their weight (me).  Fingers crossed for some more sunny weather and for more alfresco dining.

9 1/2 months old - 16th July - Home from hols and no food in the house!

After a long drive back from Devon it was good to be home. Once all the unpacking and washing had been done we realised we had no food in the house. (Daddy had forgotten us while we were away!) Thankfully we have a great stock of frozen home made soups in the freezer. Pea and ham soup is P's fav, much to his daddy's disgust as he hates peas. I serve this to P in a suction bowl, cooled with strips of toast dunked in. Yummy and  nutritious. The recipe is now on the recipe page, enjoy.

9 months old - 6th July - Devon Hols.

Pizza Hut!! Motorway break Curry night Riverford Kitchen Restaurant
We went away to a little place called Hope Cove in Devon last week, and it was heaven.  We all went in one car; me driving, Pumpkin in his new forward facing car seat, Grandma and Aunty A entertaining and dishing out the toffee Eclairs  for the 4 1/2 hr journey. The car was packed with beach tents, waterproofs, the pushchair and we even had the high chair too.

On the way down we stopped at Pizza Hut. Not our usual option but the veggie pizza went down well as did the salad bar for P. All you can eat tomatoes and bread sticks, not bad!! During the week we either ate at home; pasta, home-made curry or take away fish and chips! P loved all of these. Thankfully he hated the batter on the fish and stuck to sharing my white fish instead. He wasn't too sure either about the chips, so he had half an avocado  to himself. We ate out a few times, either bringing the high chair with us or using the restaurant supplied ones. Riverford, the organic food box people have a wonderful restaurant near Totnes and P had a great time seated at the head of the table (see pic). We met loads of interesting people on our table and ate chard, roasted beetroot, broad beans, artichokes and even kohlrabi. All these dishes were served in huge platters for you to help yourself.  We'd highly recommend a visit if you're in the area. As we were out and about a lot we had loads to picnics; either on the beach, on a cliff top or propped on a park bench watching the boats coming in. I came prepared and brought our plastic boxes down with us so it was easier packing little sandwiches, falafels or chopped up tomatoes for these alfresco lunches. Cheaper then buying lunch out and more fun.

We even had a cream tea one day; with strawberry jam and clotted cream!! Naughty but very nice. P decided he preferred his scones plain rather then loaded with calories! Sensible boy, wish we had taken his lead.

9 months old - 2nd July 2010 - Fish Goujons and Avocado on Toast.

We've been swimming this morning which always makes us hungry. Before we went I cooked the homemade fish goujons my husband had prepared for us, ready for lunch when we came back. Once cooled I left them in the fridge to chill. P is teething at the moment and cold things to chew on seem to be doing the trick. This is the first time he had tried the fish version of these goujons and he loved them. Made into strips so perfect for his mitts, he chomped away. We also had avocado on toast (mainly because I was starving!). P loves licking off the avo first then sucks/chews the toast. To finish off we had a go with some water in the Doidy. P is getting really good at using this cup. He likes to hold onto the handles while I hold the base so it doesn't go everywhere. But today we did have a little accident!! Daddy called and while I was on the phone P managed to tip the Doidy on his head. Oh well, saves washing the hair later!!!

9 months old

28th June 2010 - Lasagne - Left to cool and then cut into strips which is easier for him to handle. A messy meal and a favourite of the family.

8 1/2 months old

12th June 2010 - Tomatoes - This is P's veg of choice, at the mo. Quartered and de-seeded (as he doesn't like them), P will suck all the flesh off the skins. For meals with grandma I de-skin them as she isn't too keen on fishing left over skins out of his mouth as he tends to hamster them away in his cheeks.

8 months old

10th June 2010 - Bite size wheat cereal and Banana - These mini cereals are great for P's b'fast as they are the perfect pop in mouth size. Left to soak in milk, while I down my first cuppa, then serve. Especially nice with chopped banana.

8 months old

6th June 2010 - Yoghurt - this is still at early stages for us. Again a hand to mouth or a spoon loading job. Messy but he loves them. Happy to eat natural yoghurt with mashed fruit in, or nice organic ones but none of those "2 teaspoons of sugar per pot" yoghurts for him. He isn't mad on 'fake' sweet things.

8 months old

1st June 2010 - Beanzzz - messy at first. This is a hands and spoon job. P uses his hands to scoop up the beans, sometimes one by one! With the spoon, I help to load it and he then takes it and pops it in his mouth. He really doesn't like being fed!! This meal takes time but we're getting there. Its served with strips of toast, under the beans.

7 months old

6th May 2010 - Who-me - Houmous is a fav in this house and we use it to replace butter. This is a great lunch; pitta, houmous, shredded cheese and avocado...and the odd green bean too.

7 months old

20th May 2010 - Mamma mia - P loves Tagliatelle. Mixed with a range of sauces, from pasta tomato to just blended left over vegetables. It is messy but great fun. He now sucks it up, whipping it around everywhere!!

6 1/2 months old

16th May 2010 - Peachy - P has developed this skill of the last few months. at first he found it very hard to pick up such a large object and get it to his mouth. He started using two hands, would drop it, maybe catch it with his chin, roll it around and get it back to his mouth. clever. Now he can pick up with one and there's no stopping him.

6 1/2 months old

15th May 2010 - Weeee, Asparagus - P loves these. He sucks the life out of them. He will suck until they are just strings, getting every last drop out of them.

6 months old

5th May 2010 - Florets anyone - Broccoli has been a great learning tool, one of P's first vegs. Perfect fist size. Still on the menu most weeks.

6 months old

3rd May 2010 - Strawberry patch kid - P loves a good strawberry. The larger the better as he can hold them easier. These are gone in seconds so we need a good supply of them.

6 months old 

28th April 2010 - Banana handles - As banana's can be slippy they can be difficult for little hands to pick up, at the beginning stages. A tip taken from Gill Rapley's book was to leave a 'handle' of skin on the banana. This gave P the chance to learn to pick it up and now there's no stopping him.