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Pumpkin and his Mummy x

Feed back so far...

Priya, Harrow You have done wonders on this website, it answers all my questions!!  I'm so thrilled that you did this site!!!  When do you find the time to do all this!!!! I am so sick and tired of doing purees because I know she would rather spread it on toast and scoff that! You've now given be the confidence, thank you.



Jane, Islington Just been on your site and I think its absolutely brilliant, love it. Thank you so much for the insight.  I feel well equipped now. Thank you P and his mummy.



Mandip, Stanmore  Great website, have forwarded the link to all my friends who have babies of similar ages. Thanks



Kristen, Arizona, USA I Love the website.  I did the puree foods with my little one, but I wish I knew of this approach.  She is a very picky eater and your recipes sound fantastic!  I'll try some of them this week! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us! 



Gina, from Devon  Thanks so much for introducing me to BLW, never heard of it before and I really like the idea of it, read your whole site and then some. Also thanks for the great tips including Doidy cups and Ikea high chairs! Only prob is now I can't wait, she's not even 4 months!"