Meal Ideas

  • Fruit; banana, plums, nectarines, peaches; orange; and not forgetting strawberries
  • Yogurt - Plum yoghurts; Rachel's Organic or Yeo Valley yoghurts - all yummy and organic
  • Toast with everything and anything spread on it - fruit spread, banana, cheese, strawberries, smooth peanut butter (We have no history of allergies in our family. Do not give if you have. Take advice from your health visitor/doctor).
  • Porridge as mentioned before
  • Finger sized cereal, easy to pick up, soaked in whole milk
  • Fruit Bread, toasted with butter
  • Omelette - various flavours; mushroom, cheese, ham
  • Eggy bread - Bread soaked in beaten egg then fried
  • Rice cakes, avocado strips and cream cheese or grated cheddar
  • Tomatoes (quartered), wholemeal toast (medium slice) and chicken strips
  • Pizza - homemade, see recipe
  • Asparagus, grated cheddar and M&S fish balls
  • Broccoli and Cauldron falafels
  • Cheese on toast
  • Pittas with mashed avocado and houmous
Tea Time
  • Pasta bows/fussili/ penne with pasta sauce; either homemade or Ella's Kitchen 'The Italian One'
  • Lasagne - homemade
  • Beans on toast - toast in fingers, served in a bowl
  • Cauliflower cheese - see recipe
  • Fish / chicken / turkey goujons
  • Frittata
  • Mini burgers served with home made tomato sauce
  • Rice cakes
  • Ella's Kitchen biscuits - from a selection (they are all yummy)
  • Fruit
  • Home made muffins; cheese or blueberry

I hope these meal choices give you an idea as to what has worked for us. Cutting things up into long fist size pieces has helped P learn how to grasp and feed himself. Making things big enough at the beginning for him to pick up has allowed his 'pincer grip' to develop e.g. chunky porridge or scrambled omelettey eggs. At the beginning it was hard not to intervene, but leaving him to work out how to do it has helped him progress. They can do it for themselves if left. Obviously showing them how to pick things up and letting them watch you eat is a massive influence on their development. It does take time, so be patient, but they do develop very quickly if you let them. Have fun at meal times, eat with them and let them be part of the action. You will both get so much out of it. It really is not a chore but great family time. Good luck and have fun.