Tools & Tips

 This is a fantastic bowl, in fact its called a Un-believ-a-bowl by Vital Baby This is great for breakfast, in particular porridge or shreaded wheat cereal soaked in whole milk; the sloppy stuff.
 We originally bought a very expensive, padded, all bells and whistles high chair but I spent my life pulling food out of all the creases and folds. This chair is from IKEA and is wonderful, and cheap. Easy to clean and perfect while P is learning the basics. Also comes apart very easily and is light enough to take away with you.
Note too the wipe clean matt, saves cleaning the floor everyday
 BLW is messy and at first we were going through loads of wet wipes; expensive and not enviro friendly. In Gill Rapley's book, one of her sources mentions using flannels to clean up. Brilliant idea. I bought 7 cheap ones; one for each day. Used damp to clean hands, face and surfaces then cleaned ready for the next meal. Perfect
 Already mentioned before but a great book for the theory and basics behind BLW. Thank you Gill Rapley.
 We're still learning with this, but the Doidy cup is great. P has never used a bottle as he has always been breastfeed. This cup teaches your child to drink from a rim. P loves it as you can see.
 The Bumbo baby chair; this was excellent on holiday, before we had bought the IKEA highchair. Easy to clean and comfy for P to sit in (also kept him in one place as he can't get out of it!!).