What you think

 'It was lovely sharing my Christmas dinner with Hellie. Just thought I'd share this photo of Helena self feeding gnocchi. So glad we came to see you and have the confidence to feed this way'. - Helena, 7 months old.




'Since the class last Tuesday, I am giving him only finger food, and BLW is working really really wonderful!!  My husband and I are just amazed!!  and he really loved BLW. - Sota, 7 months old.



'Thanks so much, your class really reassured me. All my fears were answered. I didn't have to worry how much she ate, now knowing she will feed herself as much as she wants. It is learning process for her (and me). She is doing really well, thank you. It was also good to meet other mums starting out too. - Amelia, 6 months old.



'The class was great, thank you and I have tried some exciting foods this week... fish fingers and beans was a big hit! ' - Rayaan, 6 months old.




'the class was so useful and gave me the confidence to begin the weaning process. Chloe enjoyed her 1st home made pizza and was very excited to finally be joining in properly!'  Chloe, 6 months old.



'THANK YOU - Things are going very well with Teddy, he had a massive piece of lamb on Sunday - unbelievable! So pleased we took the class, so confident, thank you'. Teddy, 6 months old